Beggar to Provider

Shambani Village, Kenya

“Life has never been easy, nor fair, since the death of my husband,”

said Christine, one of the most hurting widows of Shambani Village. She told us how cruel the world treated her and her children after the loss of her husband, the breadwinner for the entire family.

After Christine became a widow, her relatives turned out to be the animals that devoured her family. They grabbed everything in the name of inheriting what was their brother’s. Life changed unexpectedly and things fell apart.

On the course of struggling for daily bread, Christine met with one of the GHNI staff, Habiba, and begged for support for her son’s education, as she narrated all that she has been through. Habiba offered to support her by helping her learn how to support herself through capacity building. So Christine joined the Shambani Widows Association group that had just kicked off with others of her kind, and she soon got a soft loan to start a business.

Christine immediately involved herself in goat trading. And with the business skills she’s learned, her business has remarkably always given her a good profit. In fact, her profit has been good enough to quickly pay back her loan to the group, and it continues well.

Christine no longer asks for support for her children, for she is now strongly supporting them through her successful business!

Wubshet & Habiba

GHNI National Field Leaders, Kenya