Better Health for Sunita

Ɖorgovska mahala, Serbia


Our focus this month has been health. Health is a big issue for these Roma-gypsies and it is very important. Most have a long history of ill health and of not taking care of themselves. From the five Transformational Community Development (TCD) focuses of Water, Food, Health, Income Generation, and Education, health continues to be a major issue for them.  


This is Sunita, and she is five years old. She lives with her mother in Ɖorgovska mahala, and her mother is diabetic. When Sunita was born, she was very small for her birth weight. When we teach the children lessons, her mother is very happy because her daughter does not act up and misbehave as she did before. Sunita always washes her hands before eating, after playing with other children, or when playing with pets.


Sunita also had other health problems. She had no appetite, so she was often weak and tired. Her mother contacted a healthcare facility and they found her to be anemic, so Sunita’s mother changed her diet to include iron-rich foods, fruits and vegetables. Her mom is grateful for TCD because Sunita is now much better. Sunita teaches other kids that they should also eat healthier and live better lives. 


Thank you!


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