Big Hope from A Goat Loan

Tuka Village, Ethiopia

Mare is living in Tuka Village. She is 35 years old and has three children. Mare is one of the women’s business group members. She is very active in many areas, and is one of GHNI’s goat loan beneficiaries. Before one and a half years ago, she received 2,500 Birr (about $120 ) and bought three female goats. Two of them gave birth to twin kids (baby goats), and the other one had just one baby. Total now, she has eight goats, and has already paid back all the money loan.

Besides all this, now Mare opened a tearoom in the village, where she is selling tea and bread to the other villagers. According to her, now on average she is making 61 Birr a day (around $3). Before joining the goat loan program, she never made any money of her own.  It is not an overstatement that your support of GHNI and this village has transformed her life. THANK YOU! Mare has big hope her business will grow in the future.


GHNI TCD Worker, Ethiopia