Trey and Maddie Cason are making some major changes in their lives!  

Not only are they transitioning from a corporate world to become long term humanitarian aid workers for GHNI, they are taking the rest of 2018 to hike the Appalachian Trail (beginning in June).  This couple has a crazy idea they can help end extreme poverty - life threatening, diseased water drinking, less than $1 a day extreme poverty - by hiking the trail and asking all of us to do two things.....

1.  Give!  Donate $1 per mile, 10 cents per mile or even 1 penny per mile to support villages working to end their own extreme poverty.  

2.  Join the Hike4Hope!  Hike where you are!  Meet Trey and Maddie on the Appalachian Trail!  Then, ask your friends to donate per mile as you walk along!

If you want to join the Hike4Hope and are committed to raising funds for the effort, email to set up your own donation page!

While you are thinking about it, please share this with everyone you know!  Together, we can make this Hike4Hope one that saves lives by ending extreme poverty!