The Birth of Hope

Polewali, Indonesia


Bima is 34 years old and lives with his wife and two children in a small cluster of the Polewali Village. He is the type of guy who doesn’t say much, but he is a hard worker and a faithful attendee of Transformational Community Development (TCD) meetings. Bima has become a key member of the second village TCD committee in Polewali and is now coordinating the sixth well to be dug in the area, furthering the effort to bring water to every house. 


Bima acknowledges that water and latrines are the most urgent needs in his village, but, notably during one TCD lesson, he spoke up about the need for better Education. He remembers with regret that he dropped out of junior high school after only three months, and he sees that the mindset of not valuing education continues in his village until the present time.  


In Polewali Village, if a child does not want to go to school, the parents let them stay at home. When a child sees their friends staying at home, they don’t want to go to school either, and so on. According to Bima, this is related to the way of thinking that accepts the cycle of poverty. What is the point of education if a child is expected to grow up and live just as their parents have, in the same poor conditions?  


The Polewali TCD programme is indeed focussed on activating the community to solve their water problem. One goal is that in the process, mindsets will change as they achieve things together that they never dreamed of. Perhaps this can be the birth of hope. 


Thank you,

Didi, Indro, Jeremy & Eva

GHNI Partner TCD Workers

*For purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Bima” is a pseudonym for the individual being helped by this project.