Blooming Onion Business

Chalise and Gelgelo are husband and wife, who have three children. Gegelo was in the military, but because he was not healthy, he left the military, returned to his village, and married his wife, Chalise. After he came back, he was earning a very small income from the government, which was not enough money to run his family. The children were growing and so were their needs, so they found a solution in joining the Transformational Community Development (TCD) group. Before they joined, they had watched their friends progress, and this inspired them a lot, too. Chalise joined the Income Generation group and Gelgelo joined the Agriculture Group. Chalise received three goats from GHNI-Ethiopia, and now the number of goats grew threefold. In addition to this, she is running a small business in the village. Gelgelo has also produced five quintals (about 1,000 lbs) of onions. By selling them, he has earned 15,000 birr (about $530).

Our TCD workers have helped coach a lot of progress in agriculture and wellness. They are planning to strongly continue this, as well as in the other TCD focuses.

Seeing so much progress and encouragement from the TCD groups, as an organization we want to strengthen them as by giving training and providing special seeds.

TCD Update

Water—The Water Committee is fencing the pump to protect it from animals and people. Additionally, they are collecting money from the community when they retrieve water from the borehole, in order to help with maintenance.  

Food—The Agriculture Committee harvested ten quintals (about 2,000 lbs) of onions and they are preparing seedlings. They are earning a good price at the market. Besides this, they are also preparing land for the next harvest.

Income Generation—A few months ago, our TCD workers trained the Income Generation groups on how to start small businesses in the village. Seven women started new small businesses by bringing different materials from other areas and selling them in the village market. They are now earning very good money.

Education—The Education Committee and TCD workers distributed school materials and school uniforms to 44 children in the village. Before doing this, they spread education awareness last year, resulting in these 44 children becoming new school students.

Wellness—In Dida Hara Village, six households built six toilets in their compound. Other villagers also started building toilets in their compound. This is very encouraging for our TCD workers and the Wellness Committee.

Thank You!