On Boars and Orchards

Jatapara Village, India


In the month of June, villagers here cultivate corn. By the time the crops are ready to harvest, wild boar destroy these crops, causing huge losses for the farmers. So this year we suggested that farmers try cultivating pigeon peas (arhar/toor) instead of corn. As the boars do not destroy these crops, there is a reduced risk of loss.


The government of Jharkhand passed a plan called "Birsa Harit Yojna." Under this plan, mango plantations are to be started on barren and uncultivated land. The government provides the saplings and bears the cost of the plantation; the farmer just has to give their land for it, and the farmer retains sole ownership of the orchard. When the trees bear fruit, the government buys the fruit at a reasonable price so that farmers do not have to look for better deals in the market. Many farmers of Jatapara have submitted their land for mango planting. The process of establishing these orchards has started providing employment to many villagers.


There was a huge ditch on the way to most of the village’s farmed paddies. People have to cross this ditch in order to work their paddies. During the rainy season, all the farms’ paddies are filled and water collects everywhere, creating a pool. Villagers encountered great difficulty in crossing the flooded ditch. This problem was discussed with the youth and we told them that they could change the situation. They were so moved by this that they decided to fill in the ditch to avoid further inconvenience. So we are happy to say that the problem with the ditch has been solved for now.


Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update

  • Water - People are drinking filtered water and storing the water in the proper way. No one has fallen sick to date, and everyone in the village is healthy.
  • Food - Some people are still ploughing their fields because of unstable and unpredictable rains.
  • Income Generation - Ladies are still selling fast food in the weekly market. In order to increase sales on a larger scale we are putting the food into packaging.
  • Education - Students are doing online classes.
  • Wellness - People are a bit scared due to an increase of COVID-19 in town.


Thank you!