Bodaboda Taxi

Isiolo Empowerment Centre, Kenya


When Alex fled conflict back home in Gem Village seven years ago, all he had was his family and his children. Now, 34-year-old Alex is the first in his village to own a motorbike.


Motorbikes, popularly known as Bodabodas, are a popular means of transportation. They are considered affordable, fast, and provide a source of income to the young men. 


For Alex, his motorbike is his only source of income to feed and raise his children. Alex says he is able to supplement humanitarian assistance he received in his village with income from his taxi driving business, which also repays the loan he borrowed to purchase his motorbike. “I’m slowly paying back just like anyone else, in weekly installments,” he explained. Despite the numerous challenges in the field of motorbikes, he has been riding for months and has carved himself a niche as a safe and reliable rider. “I believe in my ability and I know I’m strong and ride well and safely. My day begins by preparing my kids for school as I prepare myself for the long day of transporting my customers from the village to town and back.”


GHNI has been a great instrument in bringing lasting transformation by coaching the villagers and helping to connect the village to the resource providing entities. Alex is among many who are grateful forever.


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader