Boiling Hot Health

Gem Village, Kenya


Gem Village has come far since GHNI started their Transformation Community Development (TCD) coaching programme. The transformational indicators are immense: a village that once saw killings over ordinary disputes as commonplace now sees them as a thing of the past. The villagers have seen the utility in spending the better part of their time on more meaningful activities.


It’s a true saying that “idle minds are actually the devil's workshop”, and the village of Gem has proven it.  Now life is flowing as everyone can cater to their own personal needs. The villagers are willing to change and bring changes that impact their community; this is because of their willingness to learn whatever is being taught, and being ready to implement those lessons. Because of that, we have great hope. Nevertheless, a lot of things are yet to happen due to water shortages in this village. The only source of water is the seasonal river; it is multipurpose for both animal and human use. As a result, there are a lot of waterborne disease outbreaks. When, as GHNI, we learnt about this, we did not hesitate to help since this is our great passion. 


We took the initiative to drill a borehole, but it is not yet finished. Meanwhile, our TCD workers were taught about the water purification process to help with disease control and local ways of making the water safe for the villagers to drink. This has brought great relief to many households; their health has changed. People were taught the simple practice of boiling water before drinking or cooking anything. This became very successful because many are willing to learn it. At each visit, we receive news from the TCD workers that changes have been seen. 


Mama Ewoi is one of the women in the village who is practising the lesson taught: she has seen the benefit of using boiled water. She doesn’t have to spend as much money on treating her family’s illnesses anymore. She comes forward and challenges other villagers to follow this TCD lesson because her family health has returned to normal. She is happy and thankful for GHNI’s weekly coaching programme.


Thank you!


GHNI National Field Leader