Bombings, applications and medical hurdles

Bombings, applications, and medical hurdles

Refugees in Jordan

Families Adopting Families

*Telenaz is from Duhok, Iraq. She is married to *Milad who is from Baghdad, and they have three children: two sons and one daughter. Telenaz studied engineering but wasn’t able to find a job because the jobs were given to other people. Even if she found a job, it would be far from the city she lived in.

They used to live in Duhok, but it became dangerous because it was close to the Turkish border. The Turks were bombing and are still bombing on the borders. The sound was so loud to the point people were so afraid they started to leave the village.

Once, Telenaz’s son came back home crying because there was a bomb that exploded close to him. After that incident, they thought it better to go to Jordan. Her husband who worked as a tourist driver had to leave his job in order to join them. Now they are all in Jordan, and their two sons go to school. One of them is in 1st grade and the other is in 4th grade. They were able to pay for the first half of school tuition with the help of a humanitarian organisation, but they still have to pay the other half on their own.

They applied for Australian immigration and got refused once. They tried applying to Canadian immigration and have reapplied to Australia, but they are still waiting for a reply. Telenaz’s husband still can’t find a job in Jordan.

Syrian Refugees

*Khaledi is a married respected man from Syria who came from a good family. He used to be a college principal in Hums, Syria. He was well known among the people of his city.

The things he experienced and saw cannot be described because of how shocking and painful they were. When he was still in Syria, Khaledi’s friend was coming to visit with gifts in his hand for Khaledi’s children. Suddenly, some men attacked his friend and took his ID. They told him to keep walking. Just then, he was shot.

Khaledi’s friend was able to pull himself towards Khaledi’s door but died as he reached the door. This was one of the reasons that made Khaledi flee Syria and go to Jordan. It has been six years since he has seen Syria. He can’t work or find a job. One of his daughters suffers from epilepsy and he can't afford her treatment. 


Yemeni Refugees in Jordan

Abia is a 20-year-old Yemeni girl who lives with her sick mom. Her father suffers from paralysis of his arms and legs. Her grandma is also sick and suffers from liver problems. Her little siblings live with them.

They ran away from Yemen because of financial and security problems and felt that their own lives were in danger. They fled to Jordan and have been there for a month now. Abia can’t find any jobs because she is a refugee and hasn’t finished her education. GHNI helped her with enough money to take a taxi five times to the hospital.


GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, “Telenaz”, “Milad”,  “Khaledi” and “Abia” are pseudonyms for individuals being helped by this project.