Books to Aspiring University Students

From the desk of Regional Field Leader Jeff Latsa, we receive a hearty thanks to those who contribute to the work in Turkey. Now many more students have a chance at a higher education and better jobs to support their families.

O Town, Turkey

“Last month, with the help of many of you, Dr. K was able to deliver 50 sets of University Test Prep Books to poor Zaza students in the community where we usually work.  

“This is a very important test that is the only metric used for deciding if and where students can go to university. It was a lot of books. Dr K shared how education is an important part of preparing for the future and that we (and you!) will be wishing the best for all of these students.

“Again, Dr. K and I want to express our deepest thanks for your participation in this project that seems to have strengthened our bond with the school and the community out here, not to mention to give 50 students HOPE for a brighter educational future. Thank you.”