Boundless Value

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt


Women of Ezbit el Nakhl


We presented many topics this month in developmental lessons about health, psychological wellness, morals, and social issues. The lessons were titled “Stress,” “The Value of the Soul,” and “Depression.” We held a Mother's Day celebration and gave a small gift to each mother to express our love for them. While presenting about the value of the soul, we talked about how our value has no boundaries and that our value isn’t in money, health, or beauty. Om Janet is a woman who has cancer and is very depressed. After hearing the lesson, she said that she thought her value was in her health. When her health went away, she feared her value went away and she was now useless. Hearing she still has boundless value, she now has hope.


In the past few months, we taught other lessons on the following topics: bitterness, muscle pain, Mars and Venus, the pure heart, stress, self-worth, depression, hairdressing, and handcrafts. We also prepared a Mother's Day celebration.


Children of Ezbit el Nakhl

We present weekly lessons in Ezbit El Nakhal to about 175 children. One ten-year-old girl named Ereny shared with all the children what had happened with her at school. A girl named Basma hit her without any reason, and when Ereny asked her why, Basma responded that her friend Hala told her that Ereny cursed her and said bad things about her while she was absent. When Hala came, Ereny talked with her about what happened, and Hala said that she was just kidding. Basma apologized to Ereny and Ereny forgave her. Ereny said she forgave Basma because she had learned about forgiveness. Ereny brought biscuits [cookies?] for her friends and was very happy because she was able to overcome meanness with kindness and forgiveness.




GHNI National Field Leader