Bountiful Kitchen Garden Model

Jatapara Village, India

Last month I taught the villagers of Jatapara to do kitchen gardening and grow brinjal (eggplant), tomato, chili, and more so that they don’t have to buy vegetables from the market and they can enjoy nutritious food and even sell it. As the result, some of the villagers grow them now.

Dular is one who has tried it. With a little help from us, she grew brinjal this time. Surprisingly, she grew such a large amount of brinjal that she is enjoying it herself, giving it to the neighbours, and selling some of it in the weekly market, earning more than 500 rupees (about $7.50).

It is solid proof before other villagers that with a little amount of water, they can grow a good vegetable. Now, Dular serves as a model for others, and I am trying to teach her success story to others.