Boxes Bless Children, Chickens Bless Community

Spitak, Armenia


Christmas Events

Towards the end of the year, there were different Christmas events, where, with the help of GHNI supporters, more than 50 children from the community received Christmas boxes and clothes. This year followed the war, hence it was quite challenging for the society and children indeed. Many are widows and orphans. Therefore, the events brought joy and nice smiles on their faces. Each box was a symbol of your love and care. 


Chicken Loan Project

Mr Samuel and his family participated in the GHNI chicken loan project. They received ten chickens, worked hard during this time, and developed a little farm. Now, they have more than 30 chickens. This family was inspired by the idea and found a local businessman who donated 500 chickens to them which they gave to 20 other families in the village. They became a role model for their neighbours and friends through their generosity and diligent efforts.


Sewing Project 

This year was productive for the sewing project participants; they worked on small projects such as traditional aprons and bags. This new year, the participants will train another group from the village by passing their knowledge and skills on to them.


We love you!


Tamara and Sam

GHNI TCD Workers