Boys and Girls Inspired to Learn

Women’s Empowerment Centers, Afghanistan


In November, the English class in the Women’s Empowerment Center (WEC) doubled in size because the boys grew interested to join our English class. Now our teacher Layla holds two class times. She tested the boys, and the first class is composed of the boys and girls who are more familiar with English. The second class is held for others who know little English.


The Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons are taught two days per week for girls and boys. The girls have learned and memorized the TCD lessons, and they also share the stories with their families at night. It is a huge success for us that, in a poor community, many villagers know the main point of each TCD lesson.


The local women attend our literacy and health lessons. We also distributed some textiles, net, and beads to the women so that they can create handicrafts for themselves and to sell in the Bazaar.


I also bought a heater, coals, and woods to help warm the center. These are very necessary because the weather has turned very cold. Meanwhile, I also bought a projector for the WEC because the students had requested this long ago.


Thank you very much! It is my honor to bring help and hope to these villagers in need.


The GHNI-Afghanistan Team