Brainstorming for More Hope

Shambani Village, Kenya


Natural calamities are acts of nature that no man can change but must adapt to. Lately, there is a local drought all over this area, including Shambani Village. This has increased fear within the village. The women of Shambani Village have been brainstorming ways to survive this drought. Schools are now being attended for only half days. The village has given its best effort to growing food, but it’s lately been in vain due to scarce water. We sat and discussed a way forward on the issue with the women who are the backbone of the village. Many shared ideas for adapting to the situation.


Mama Jamarose has experienced such calamities over the years. She shared much on survival tactics. She talked about cutting rations in order to prolong some of the food relief offered to the village. Since the schools could not provide meals, pupils were sent home, and the school discouraged parents from engaging their children in hard activities that would wear on their strength. Others have sold their livestock before they grew too skinny and died from the drought.


Fortunately for Shambani, they have learned to start many small businesses, and that has become their survival, enabling them to buy food items such as vegetables and grains. Mama Jamarose sets the example with her small food business. We hope this drought ends soon.