Breaking Through, Moving Forward

Kharibari, India


In an effort to include more men in the village committee, we called a meeting last month especially inviting them. The men have been staying away so far, due to different reasons. Once again, this effort was not successful, as only a few of them turned up and expressed their inability to be on the committee. We had already postponed this meeting twice last month, and our female members are not willing to wait anymore. So we decided to continue with our committee training with the present members. However, the committee could not decide on how many days for training. Some agree on two days, whereas some preferred a week-long training with two hours a day. We are still working on that and will soon come to a decision.


Meanwhile, I continue spending time with the individual families, creating awareness about health and other important issues. In this village, none of the families have a toilet and they prefer open defecation. One such family is that of Ms. Fulmani, whose family had no toilet and was openly defecating. A long time ago, they had been provided with a toilet, but they never used it. As time passed, it became unusable. When we repeatedly told her about the benefit of using a proper toilet, she agreed to have one. The government has been providing Pucca toilets for little cost, but villagers never use the toilets, so they refused the government’s offer, every time. But this time, Ms. Fulmani accepted and built one toilet for her family. After seeing this one, more families decided to build a toilet with the help of the government agency. Now in this village, two families have toilets and are excited about it, because it is something new that they have never used or tried before. It is pleasing to see families slowly and steadily learning healthcare skills.