Bringing Joy and Hope to the Broken

Upper Egypt Village Cluster, Egypt


Because the majority of children in the Children’s Development Program in Bani Mazar are from poor families and haven’t had any chance to enjoy holidays, play, and have fun, we arranged a day to visit the Children’s Amusement Park. They were so happy and many of them said that it was their first time visiting the park and playing these types of games.


We have a women’s health class in Shosha for mothers and an awareness campaign against the disease of children’s worms and how to prevent them. The moms shared that their children didn’t grow properly and suffered from anemia. We explained that this was due to intestinal worms.


At the Children’s Development Program in Village 7, the children live a difficult life because of poverty and a lack of awareness and education. The villagers work in the fields as farmers, while children share good stories together. They have improved behaviors and have new skills. We have developed weekly meetings for the villagers and the children have time for games. They even come an hour early, waiting for the teachers and trainings to begin.  


The women in the health class in Saft Al laban usually visit home and share what they learned in class. Last week, we bought kitchen utensils and decided to visit some widows to share with them what had changed in their lives as a result of the education in the women's groups. The widows were very happy, and some of them asked to join the women’s health class.


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