Bringing Joy in July to Refugees in the Middle East

Many have known the corner of the world we call the Middle East as a place of consistent tumult filled with intermittent bursts of violence. This land harbors some of the most beautiful and intriguing sites for tourists and explorers, but foreigners are often warned to tread the ground gingerly for fear of getting caught in life-threatening violence. Currently, savage acts are holding the lives of the innocent in the balance as they cry out for relief...for an end to depravity and a beginning of a sustained way of life.

This cry for help has been heard by individuals devoting their life’s work to Global Hope Network International. That’s why this July we are celebrating Christmas six months early. They can’t wait until December. We hope you’ll join us in bringing “Joy in July” to refugees throughout the Middle East through a variety of projects created to end their suffering, and to give them hope for a bright future.

Bruised and broken physically, mentally, and spiritually, widows, children and families can find healing in the House of Esther in Armenia and obtain knowledge and skills for beginning life anew on their own two feet. Women and children have found hope in daily excursions to Jordan’s House of Ruth, where they participate in English lessons (Jordan’s national languages are Arabic and English), computer training, handicraft opportunities (to provide income), and when funding is available, receive medical care.

Families in the West have shared their hearts and offered their hands to refugee families living in Jordan, financially backing their futures through Transformational Community Development (TCD) training and bringing teams to help with services. People living “temporarily” in Jordan for up to four years are seeking stability and sustainable provision for their children.

Courageous victims of bloodshed in Northern Iraq and Kurdistan, Lebanon, Turkey and the Holy Land have asked us not just for relief, but a new way of life; a way to build a future. Despite uncertain times, families of all sizes and backgrounds have been taking steps toward community development through TCD.

Will you join us by bringing joy this July to those who have so little in the midst of shattered lives?