Bringing Light

Helwan Village, Egypt

In the beginning of January, we visited a centre we had last visited on May 15th with Omar and David. We were arranging to launch the opening to include everybody in our joy. We offered cake and Coca Cola to guests, but because the place has not enough space to gather all people at one time, we divided them into groups. It was a wonderful time. Most of the people who live in the region came to the opening and recognized us, which brought joy to the team’s heart.

That gathering helped strengthen trust between our team and the people of the village. We distributed 200 solar lamps to families. They were so glad to receive the lamps as they were with no light, which wasn’t very pleasant. These lamps made a big difference in their homes and their lives. We distributed sweets and biscuits for 200 children. Also, we painted the entire place. Now our center is 100% ready. We are excited and thankful!


GHNI National Field Leaders, Egypt