Building Blocks

House of Ruth, Jordan


As Medhat Eskandar, our Field COO, was in Jordan this month, an arrangement was made for him to visit the centre and meet with the team at the House of Ruth. All team members were present and were excited to meet him, to hear what he had to say, and for them to be heard by him as well.


The meeting unfolded in the following manner: the time began with informal greetings, small talk, and brief introductions around a cup of tea or coffee with some biscuits. Everyone then sat in a large circle discussing different items. It was definitely a much needed, good, and productive meeting as each one present could both listen and speak to matters of mutual interest.


Sewing Class

Amal, who is 43 years of age, joined the 6-week sewing course. She remarked, “The class benefited me a lot, and the teacher was very kind, which made me love sewing all the more. The main reason I joined was to learn a skill to utilise it in order to generate income. This enhances the financial situation of my family, simply by getting a sewing machine to use and work with. Thank you so much for opening your doors and providing an opportunity to women like myself. Thank you. “


Amira, whose own dad is unemployed, and being the only child, wanted to help her father out, so she joined the sewing course. She remarked, “The teacher has been so kind and good in communicating all that she knows in a simple and clear way. With this course, I was able to use some pieces of old fabric from home and make something practical from it. I'm excited to continue with this course and receive the completion certificate in order to find work and get a sewing machine to generate income from home.”


One of the class participants became ill, but thankfully her PCR test was negative. The teacher is pleased with all the participants and how they have been able to sew shapeless pieces of fabric and produce something useful, beautiful and well designed. 


English & Computer Classes

The teacher Entihaa is from Mosul in Iraq. She is 28 years old and married. Entihaa graduated from Iraq Teachers Institute and from a college in Jordan. 


There is profound gratitude for Entihaa's service and being a part of the house of Ruth. As of Dec 1st 2021, her journey with GHNI Jordan has come to an end. The Australian Embassy had contacted her family to share the good news that they were approved to travel to Australia as early as the beginning of December. However, as Entihaa and her family were excitedly getting ready, they had to have their PCR completed in order to travel. Sadly, they tested positive, and their flight had to be postponed. It is hoped that they get well and recover in the shortest time. Best wishes are offered to her and her family as they start their new journey. 


Both Entihaa and Dunia (the nurse) have suggested a new teacher to join and continue Entihaa’s work. One candidate is Moreen who is 30 years old from Baghdad in Iraq. Moreen is married and has a daughter named Karen who was born in Jordan. Moreen and her family have been in Jordan for more than five years. She has a bachelor degree in Engineering. In Baghdad, she had worked in the American Embassy. Both Moreen and her husband have had several threats from unknown people, which has caused them anxious distress and insecurity. They departed Iraq in April 2016. 


Moreen has given English lessons on personal hygiene. She also helped prepare the students for their final exams, reviewing with them the content contained in the school curriculum. In the computer class, she taught the students how to use Microsoft Word, change the fonts, and rehearsed all the basics such as turning the device on-and-off and right down the line.


Mosaic Workshop

This month, the women are working on tiling and solidifying the back of the art piece. Essmat will be ordering the frames soon, which will be the next step in touching up the art piece. Then they will work on turning the piece into the frame and glazing the piece with the cement, sand and glue mix. They will then place the pieces together and give the piece a shiny, finishing touch.


Upon the completion of this collaborative art piece, each woman will receive a separate design to work on. They will do their own art piece from A to Z until they finish it. They will apply all that they have learnt but this time working on their own.   



Sixteen patients have been treated in the Clinic this month. Major health issues were diabetes, blood pressure and lung infections.   


Thank you!



GHNI Admin Assistant, Jordan