Building Bonds of Friendship

Vocational Training Program, Jordan


We had a special time with another Iraqi refugee family. We had lunch at the house of *Shahram and his family. They made a very yummy, well-known Iraqi dish called dolma. They are such a kind and loving family. Shahram, his wife, and their four children are from Dahok in northern Iraq. They left Iraq searching for a safer place to live and for a future for their children. They have been in Jordan for only ten months.


This family is such a talented one. All of the children are so talented, especially the oldest girl, *Lava,  who is 19 years old. She is a fun, pretty, young girl who is always smiling. She does different things, such as drawing and painting and making crafts, as well as sewing. Lava wants to be a designer in the future. We asked if she'd like to teach the kids how to paint in our summer camp at the House of Ruth, and she was interested.   


It’s a win-win, always. We visited with the family, and they were able to share, cry, laugh, and be encouraged by others. Also, they are able to generate some income by cooking, which helps them cover some of their expenses. We enjoy another culture's yummy food and we build a deeper relationship. It is always a friendlier setup when there is food, right? Through these home visits, we get to discover skills, talents, and abilities that can add to our team and refugee families, like Lava.


Thank you!



GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader


*For the purpose of safety and well-being, “Shahram” and “Lava” are pseudonyms for individuals being helped by the project.