Building Up Community

Jatapara Village, India




In the month of July, villagers received training regarding rice cultivation and how to increase production. They were taught about the line planting of paddies and how it helps in removing weeds. As the farming here is mainly rain dependant, this year the rains continued until August so the planting also continued until August. The farmers followed whatever they were taught through Transformational Community Development (TCD) programmes.


Last year, the rainfall was very low and did not arrive in time. Villagers changed the paddy seeds they usually planted. Instead, they used seed that grows in less water and produces rice sooner. This year they have used these seeds in some of the fields. These crops have started flowering. The rainfall is also suitable for the crop. If rain decreases by the end of September, then these crops will have a great yield. If it does not decrease, then there will be a problem with harvesting and could even destroy the crop as well.


Corn cultivation, however, has given good yield but the major problem faced by the villagers is wild pigs destroying the crop. Therefore, villagers are investigating in ways to keep these wild pigs away from the crop.




 Last month I wrote about starting a pre-nursery school at my home and encouraging students to come in uniform as well. But due to ongoing financial problems in almost every family of the village, we could not do this.


However, children do come in the evening to study. Gradually, we will encourage them to come in uniform and to school on time, so that other parents are influenced by seeing them and they, too, start sending their children to school.




The people of Jatapara are using clean water because of the initiative taken through TCD programmes. Thus, there is a decline in the rate of people falling sick. However, there are few people who, despite being told about using clean water, still do not use it, and they fall sick easily. On the other hand, the people who are following after the people of the TCD group rarely fall sick.


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