Building a Home for the Homeless

Gem Village, Kenya

Every day is a brand new day, full of joy and with a reason to rejoice. Hope after hope unfolds. Today we are not what we were yesterday, neither is yesterday as the day before. For this reason, we have faith and hope for a brighter tomorrow. The past was bitter as far as we recall. Mention malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, jiggers infestation, anemia, and all sorts of ills in one’s body, however, and you are treated as an outcast. Nobody wants to get involved or associate with you. You will be sleeping out at night in the biting cold, with nothing in your stomach, messed up both physically and psychologically.


Today, we lack words to express our gratitude and happiness, for we are nothing compared to what we were, not anymore. We found a home, care, and love in a house to host us as a family. We can laugh and play around with joy, knowing that our future has just started, tears are dried up, and no more ill conditions to be called by. We thank the GHNI team all over the world for giving us life that had been taken away. With thanksgiving in our heart, we could use a million words to appreciate what has happened in our lives. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much and God bless you!


GHNI National Field Leader