Building Relationships

House of Ruth, Jordan


General Clinic

On the 19th of December, our general clinic received 32 patients. Since mid-November, we are only opening the clinic once a week, on Wednesday, at the House of Ruth.

The mobile clinic wasn’t operating for this quarter. Dr Fadi moved all the medicines that were left in the mobile clinic to the clinic of the House of Ruth, in order to use the medications before they reach their expiration date.


Dr Fadi was hearing about more cases of COVID-19 being reported in Ma'in Village on a daily basis. There's a high risk of getting exposed to the virus from patients, so he's being strict that all visitors should wear a mask and apply alcohol sanitisers before and after the visit.


Dr Fadi had seen three children this month who had symptoms similar to COVID-19, and he told their parents to take them to a local hospital. He gives advice more than drugs, trying to build good relationships with the patients. 


Computer Class 

This month, a small graduation ceremony was held for our students who passed this course. Five students received their graduation certificate. It was such a nice feeling to see these children happy getting their certificates after attending the class in the midst of the current situation. They mastered all the skills they have learnt using computers.


This month, a new group of children started to attend the computer lessons. Most of them heard about the lessons that we give from friends and relatives so they were so excited to start studying. They really need to take some computer lessons, especially those who do not have a computer in their houses. Laith, the teacher, is looking forward to teaching them to use the computer very well.


Sewing Class 

In the sewing class the women are practising designing and sewing blankets using the old cloth pieces which they don’t need and make a beautiful colourful blanket.  


Dental Clinic

A 60-year-old Jordanian man came to our clinic asking for help because he couldn’t afford the needed treatment in a private dental clinic. After finishing the treatment, he was very happy and thankful. 


Thank you!



GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader