Building Relationships for the Future

House of Ruth, Jordan


English Class 


This month’s English class was good. The teacher started to get deeper in English grammar as well as started teaching them the vowels, consonants and word pronunciation. The children were getting a little bored at the beginning, but they had fun at the end because they played a game. They will be graduating next month.  


Computer Class


Computer basics lessons are still going on after more than two months. As usual, the difficulty is teaching children who have never used computers in their lives. This month Laith started teaching students Microsoft Office Word, which is one of the most important programmes that students can use for writing and design skills. The course is about to finish and, of course, we are preparing to receive a new group next month.




In this month, the total number of patients was 167. Five of them were Syrians and the rest were Jordanians originally from Ma’in Village. Dr. Fadi has seen one patient with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease who he referred to a government hospital. 


A family from Ma’in invited Dr. Fadi to visit them at their house. The doctor responded and went to visit them on that same day. He has met all the family members and they were very welcoming. He talked to them about the services offered in the House of Ruth and encouraged them to stay connected. Visiting families who come to the centre helps to build stronger relationships with people.


Sewing Class 


The sewing class started on Sept 5th. This course will finish on Nov 5th.  In this class there are five women from Jordan. The trainer taught them the first week how to use the parts of the sewing machine and how to use the thread. Also, they learned how to repair the old parts. The women are able to make designs and draw on the fabric. 


Thank you!



GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader