Building Relationships in Thailand

North Thailand TCD Expansion


At last month’s agricultural training, in addition to growing our relationships with local leaders, our GHNI team member Madison built relationships with some of the staff at the training centre. She enjoyed the training so much that she decided to partner with the training centre for three months in order to deepen her knowledge of sustainable agriculture. Madison spends two days per week at the farm alongside locals and learns agricultural techniques such as grafting, seed saving, producing organic soil additives, composting, and much more. Her hope is that this experience will grow her skills so that she can start a home-farming club in the city and so that she can help the people we work with in the villages, as many of them are also farmers. We are grateful for this cross-organisational partnership!


In the village, community leaders on the mountain planned a large event in early September, to which GHNI staff were invited to attend. A staff member who attended last month’s agricultural training has already cleared the land for his year-round garden! While visiting, we are planning to hold additional hands-on agricultural training at his home for others and help him finish the work on his new garden. We are hoping he will become a model in his community because of his sustainable approach to his family’s food security.


Longer term, GHNI staff have been in contact with a local partner who has connections to a major faith-based group in Thailand. This partner and her connections have asked GHNI staff to speak at a conference that they will be hosting in the next couple months to share a vision and to see if we can partner together to bring Transformational Community Development (TCD) to the villages around the country that they are working in.


Thank you!