Building Self Confidence as a Defense Against Bullying

Helwan Village, Egypt


Women of Helwan


This month, we had lessons on different topics in the centre with the women. Bullying is one of the lessons. It was their first time to learn about bullying. Amira was the one who taught this lesson for the women and explained the definition of bullying and the different types of it.

Um Marian (the mother of Marian) asked how to deal with this since her son is being bullied at school and home because of being very thin. Because of this bullying, he started closing himself off from people and not communicating with others. Through the lesson, she learned to encourage her son by focussing on his abilities and to always be on his side when being bullied so that he can restore his self-confidence.


Children of Helwan


In partnership with the community in Ein Shams, while the youth team was presently led by Samuel, we were able to prepare a celebration for the children about thankfulness and doing other activities like face painting, colouring pictures about thankfulness and a puppet show. At the end of the day we distributed 76 gift bags for the children that included school supplies. They were so happy and were asking us to celebrate with them again.



Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update

  • Income Generation - We have the pig project. We began with just three families and now we have nine families. Each family has three pigs, and in six months they are going to reproduce at least eight other pigs. This helps a lot in increasing their income.
  • Education - Continuing to teach more than 100 children and 60 women about moral and social values, as well as giving them some of the needed school stationery.
  • Wellness - We gave them health lessons about the danger of diabetes, first aid lessons, and the danger of medical wastes.


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader