Building Strong Foundations

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt


Women of Ezbit el Nakhl


This month, we taught a lesson about hope and building a solid foundation for our lives. That foundation is not about bricks and concrete but instead about love and unity. The lesson focused on the presence of love in our homes and hearts so that we keep loving kindness in our homes, our relationships, and within oneself.


Two weeks after the training, an older woman, Om Nasser, came to me and shared some memories. She said that when she was a young lady, her dad used to gather them for family time every day. After she married, she wished to do the same with her family, but she did not succeed because of problems, needs, and life circumstances. When she attended this lesson, she was encouraged to gather her children and grandchildren for family time. These special times together each day helped the family build a foundation of love and unity in their home. This also helped foster love and unity in her life and the lives of her grandchildren. She is very happy that her wish has come true now, even if after so many years.


GHNI National Field Leader