Building Success for Herself and Others

Shambani Village, Kenya

Potential talent that is not in use is as useless as no talent at all. In Shambani Village, we found so many sleeping talents that weren’t utilized due to fear and lack of starting capital. When GHNI-Kenya took the initiative to help such people, many turned up for coaching to benefit from the soft loans we would issue. It was very important for them to learn that the money was not for any other reason but to develop self-sustainability.

Mary has become a prominent business lady who has created jobs in the village that benefit others also. After receiving our coaching on soft loan management, she engaged herself in an ornament business where she decorates belts by using beads to create words on them, as well as making necklaces, rings, and other sorts of ornaments. To grow her success, she hired some additional labor, thus creating jobs for others as well!

Mary knows there are many more like her who are talented but are still sitting on their talents due to lack of know-how. She appeals to them to learn. She says to others, “Life is what you make it, and transformation is a change you can allow in your mind!”

Comparing her life of despair to her current life, she needed only to receive good coaching. She was a hardworking and busy lady, but didn’t have any business know-how. She washed clothes for people in town for wages that could hardly sustain her life.

Mary is one happy, transformed lady in Shambani Village who has become a blessing to others!


GHNI TCD Worker, Kenya