Building a True Refuge

House of Esther, Armenia

We are coordinating our efforts with a partner organization in preparation for the training schedule in March. We are also in the process of establishing a bank account in Armenia to handle future financial transactions for the House of Esther. We need to provide the allocated funds for February through April, so that the partner organization may continue on our schedule for the refugee families and programs.

Right now, it’s snowing in Spitak, so our local manager, Shant, is continuing the preparation, repairs, and maintenance of the building. Shant and the local caretaker have secured and closed all the water lines, emptied the toilet tanks, and isolated the valves and outside pipes.

By mid-April, we plan to build the barn and buy a few animals before moving the refugee families in by May. The location of the House of Esther with an adjacent lot has the potential to create a cooperative group that can receive different loan programs for raising animals such as sheep and goats and for various agricultural activities.

Currently, we are working with a few friends to prepare a container filled with needed items such as beds, mattresses, folding tables and chairs, kitchen equipment, and gardening tools. They hope to ship the container to the House of Esther by the end of March.

Classes to teach the children and adults English are planned. This will hopefully develop future translators. We have met with a few psychologists from France and Geneva who are willing to visit and help the families for recovery. Many necessary things are coming together!

GHNI Volunteer Project Manager