Building Trust to End Extreme Poverty

Jatapara Village, India

The last few months were remarkable for us! We taught and learned many things. Progress had been going very slowly during previous months.

When we considered the reasons for this, we realized it was because of the deceiving and looting our community people faced for decades. They are not able to trust us due to the deceiving they experienced from moneylenders. Moneylenders used to give loans to poor farmers and asked for the return to include compound interest. Innocent tribal people don’t even understand these terms and sign the agreement. Later on, they would have to give their lands to the moneylender and end up labouring on their own land. Because of this, people of our community have become reserved and it’s very hard for them to trust anyone. This is the reason that they have grown satisfied with whatever they have, even if they have nothing.

We understood the situation and planned to work with people who at least hope that they can become better. We chose some like-minded persons and started working with them. We gave them ideas, techniques, etc. We worked with them on the field of cultivation and fish farming, especially for business purposes. As a result, they made a remarkable profit. Besides this help, we continued to help the community by getting them together, giving them training, and showing them educational videos.

Last month, we brought them together for a community project. There was an open well beside the road, and no one in the village was bothered about that. One day, some of us were passing by the well and saw children playing nearby. We decided to do something about it, so we called some of the villagers and made a plan to cover the well. Some people donated their bamboo, and we were able to cover it within 3-4 hours .

Now other villagers are watching those who are developing. Others are slowly starting to believe that they also can do the same and are starting to believe us.

At the end, we want to thank GHNI, which is providing us this opportunity to help our people out from their pitiable situation. We are thankful to all the donors by whose precious donations we are able to help our people here.