Building Vision to Overcome Stumbling Blocks

Dhoker Jhara Village, India

In the month of May, we placed a vision into the minds of villagers to transform themselves and their community. Their traditional mind-set is to want results, instantly. For example, if they have to earn money, they will prefer doing work which can gain them instant income. This is one reason why they cannot -- or don’t -- want to do business. This is a stumbling block in their way of development.

We are really trying hard to change this mind-set of villagers, which is challenging for us. When we try to gather and teach them, it’s very hard to keep them sitting for a long time. Without giving them food or drink, it’s very difficult to make them sit more than two hours. But this time, we did something different. I spent time talking to some of the ladies about the development of their lives and the community. I placed a vision into their minds of how the village will look, if we do Transformational Community Development (TCD) work the proper way. Later on, when they gathered with all the villagers, we made them calculate how much they can earn from their present property (animals, farms, etc.) if they used it in the proper way.

We also taught them how to make detergent powder and soap, and how they can earn a big income if we do it with unity. They ladies who were already convinced were very excited, and their excitement made other villagers excited. We are hoping our initiative will bring a change in the near future.