Busier than Summer

House of Esther, Armenia


Now in the autumn season at House of Esther (HoE), we are wrapping up so many summer activities.  Harvesting crops and preparing for winter’s harsh weather are some of the tasks at hand.  The green house is still not finished, though, framing is almost complete.  It still needs plastic over the top and ends framed in with plastic cover as well.  


In May, GHNI’s fish farming specialist, Carlos, was here to guide us. The fish farm is going well and we now have about 150 fingerlings that are growing quickly.  The cycle for harvesting the trout is about every four months, so we look forward to their maturity, soon.  


With so much activity in the summer months, September was even busier. We prepared for the visit of GHNI Regional Field Leader, Jamal Hashweh, with some of his family. It was followed by a week when GHNI leaders Malcolm Gifford and Daniel Emig were here for teaching Transformational Community Development (TCD) Training of Teachers (TOT1).


We are so grateful that TOT1 was finally brought to us! After three days of concentrated lessons (6-7 each day), 10 certificates of completion were issued to the residents, Vince, and the translators.  Attendees were very well engaging and there was never any lack of questions, responses, and participation during the lessons together. Two translators were on-hand, so conversation in English was smoothly communicated. Meals and activities shared together were also highlights, as just three of these times helped to bond us together, quickly. I sensed that attendees were well on their way to understanding TCD, yet they will need continued mentoring and training in order to actually use what they’ve learned.


Hopefully, our center will be near self- sustainable within a year. This will be achieved once we complete these projects and continue our TCD trainings.


We are grateful to all the donors and the GHNI team supporting this special location in Armenia as a future training center, housing abused and victimized families.


GHNI Partner Volunteer