Business is On the Rise

Nallathanniya Village, Sri Lanka

Loans are paid on time by many. One lady, who received her second loan, is one story of success:

Thilagawathy, 32 years old and the mother of two children, tells us business is on the rise. There is so much work now, she has a partner to help her. She tells us that she was selling ready-made and homemade garments. During the past months, her profits have improved to about $80 per month. She is now targeting the $150 mark with her partner, as there is money to buy more material since she has now received a second loan.

She tells us that this is a gift sent by God to the village, where all the villagers benefit. She also tells us of a relative in a village nearby and wants to know if we will be starting the same program in that village. We said we will first start the Transformational Community Development (TCD) training and see how the villagers respond.

With a happy smile on her face, she thanked Global Hope Network International for the hard work done in coming into remote villages such as Nallathanniya. She also thanked us for the TCD programs that have given them much information about home hygiene, local medicines, and especially the prevention of illnesses.

Opportunity for Even the Young

A young man of Nallathanniya Village, S. Navaneethan shares his story of hope:

“I am 24 years old and do part-time work on the estate. I am very interested in doing cultivation, as I have a block of land that belongs to my family. I tried my very best to get a loan; no one took me seriously, as I am young. I was informed by one of my friends about the GHNI loan program. I met with their representative and I informed them that there is a ready market for hot chiles. As these chiles are so popular, the buyers come here to purchase them.

“Once planted, the chiles can be plucked in two and a half months. From the land that I have, I can produce about 55 lbs that could be sold at Rs. 800 (about $13) per kg. The GHNI staff took me seriously, even though I was young, and gave me a loan last month. I have already made the land ready for planting. I had to hold back the planting due to heavy rains.

“I thank GHNI for trusting in me and providing the loan. There are many young boys like me, and I hope that they will also be helped by GHNI. Thank you, GHNI.”

In regard to the water supply issue, the Water Committee was informed that the funds have come in for the water distribution system for Block No.3. They thanked GHNI for this wonderful gift. The committee has decided on dates for digging the ground for the water piping next month. They will also get the help of families in Block No. 3 to help with carrying the piping, rubble, water tanks, and digging wherever fixing is necessary.

The Education Committee reported that 20 students passed the Grade 5 Scholarship examination. To show GHNI’s approval and support, we gave them gift packs that cost less than $60. This was appreciated by the students, parents, teachers, and principal of the CP/HZ Nallathanneer Primary Tamil Vidyalayam Maskeliya. The principal sent us a nice letter of appreciation. We thanked the Education Committee for working closely with the teachers of the school to help children achieve good results in their examinations.

Thank you for making micro loans possible so villagers can make a better life for their families and community!

GHNI National Field Leader, Sri Lanka