Buttons and a Baby!

Isiolo Empowerment Centre, Kenya


The GHNI Empowerment Center in Isiolo is a polytechnic school that specialises in the training of young women and men in various skills such as beauty and hairdressing, tailoring and dressmaking, and food and beverage. Students who graduate from the school are able to stand on their own two feet and start a business with the skills they learnt from the school.


One such student is a middle-aged woman, who was previously married and a mother of two children. This woman was suffering abuse over many months from her husband, all while expecting yet another child with him. She weighed having an abortion, but when a friend heard about her dilemma, she directed her to a counsellor who guided her and encouraged her to join the Empowerment Centre.


She has been a student in the school for three months now and has made remarkable progress in her life. She, together with her children, was able to leave her abusive husband. She has recently set up her own small sewing shop making and repairing dresses. She is not only able to earn a living from the newly found business but it also helps her provide for her children’s school fees and put a meal on the table for the family. She has decided to keep her pregnancy and the Centre is following up on her wellness and her progress. She is very grateful to the GHNI family for coming to her rescue and transforming her life. She promises to do the same for the married women who come across her path who find themselves in abusive relationships.


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader