Can Dolly Achieve Her Dreams?

Living in a western society, many children have dreams and the opportunity to make those dreams a reality. The GHNI India team shares the harsh reality of dream fulfilment in the government-run village school in Dhoker Jhara.

Dhoker Jhara Village, India

“Dolly is the seven years old daughter of Sebadhan Tudu from Dhoker Jhara. She is studying in class two and wants to become schoolteacher. You can see the joy in her face whenever she shares about her dream. But there is a long journey she has to make from where she is to where she wants to reach.

“Dolly is not the first one to see such dream. There were many children in the past who had similar dreams. But none of them could reach anywhere closer to their dream. Why? 

“Dolly goes to village school run by the government. There are only three teachers for students from class one to class eight. One of the teachers will always be busy with different kinds of government projects like census, making voter’s list, making identity card, attending meetings related to school, etc. ‘It is very difficult to run school with just two teachers left,’ says one of the teachers. On top of that, those two teachers are para-teacher (temporary teacher). 

“Yet there is another reason, which can become a big hindrance for Dolly to fulfil her dream. At this age, Dolly has to do some household work along with her study. Taking care of her younger brother when mother is doing something, fetching water, and also sometime grazing the cattle. These works takes away much of her time. As a result, she doesn’t have any more energy and interest to study after or before her school time. This is not only the case for Dolly, but it is same with majority of children in Santal villages. 

“In such situation, how can Dolly’s dream come true? Looking at the situation, GHNI with Transformational Community Development (TCD) committee have started before-school education. Right now there are 20 students attending regularly. The committee is trying to include all the children in this project. This small effort can bring great revolution in the area of education.”