Caring for Women’s Health

Upper Egypt Village Cluster, Egypt


A group of children in the village of Alkom Al Ahmar conducted an awareness campaign inside a community nursery by pasting posters for information and instructions for COVID-19. The children also cleaned the floors, disinfected and cleaned all things with detergents, and placed a trash can in each room. Salilah*, the director of the nursery, thanked the children and expressed her admiration for the Child Development programme and praised the children's love for others.


The group of women in New Minya received training on medical basics. The training was provided by specialised doctors. They learnt to give injections and measure blood pressure. They were taught the causes of high blood pressure, its damages and treatment. They also learnt the definition of diabetes, how to deal with it, and how to measure it. The women spent three continuous hours in that training and praised the benefit they received.


Women in Upper Egypt are generally poor, and are not able to take a vacation because of their preoccupation with housework and rearing children. The Group organised a trip to the swimming pool and a sports day for the women in the village. The Group reduced the fees and planned this outing for the women. This special day drew a smile on the faces of the women of this village who hardly go out on their own. They ran, competed, and brought out the heart of the child from within them.


A mobile clinic to measure blood sugar levels was carried out in the village with the women. Because women are the backbone of every home, we want to preserve and care for their health. Forty-two fasting blood sugar tests were done. It was found that 38 cases were negative. There were four diabetics. Two of them were aware they were diabetic, were followed up, and taking treatment. Two discovered for the first time that they had diabetes. We asked them to see the doctor for follow-up and take the necessary action. The next week, we explained the lesson of diabetes.


The Child Development Group visited an orphanage of 12 children. The children of the group participated in providing their money as a donation to help their brothers. We prepared a plate of sweets and Coke for all the children and the staff. We gave gifts to each child: a wristwatch for boys and a toy for girls. We played with them and taught a lesson about not complaining. We sang and danced together. It was a more than wonderful day!


The teachers in the Nubian area are very close to the children, so a training was conducted on the “Nubian Child’s Needs and Problems”. Twenty-four teachers from the two villages participated in the training. The training discussed ways of dealing with children, especially the psychological and social aspects. The activation of Child Development Groups was discussed with these Nubian teachers.


The development work in one of the Nubian villages is led by a local Development Committee that was trained through the training team. During the past period, because of COVID-19, the Committee’s work was put on hold. Instead, a Motivational Seminar was conducted to urge the Committee to work together. For two days, we used TCD materials including the “problem tree” and the “solution tree” to help them discuss the most important problems of the village and find ways to deal with them using locally available resources.


Thank you!



GHNI National Leader

*For purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Salilah” is a pseudonym for the individual involved with this project.