Carpentry Workshop Yields Income

Refugees in Lebanon


House of Sara's School

The school project has been launched, developed and adapted to provide the best education for our students since 2019. At the present moment, our school is following hybrid learning. Students are receiving their everyday classes online, taking their weekly worksheets from the school, and having their exams on campus while the country is still in lockdown.

Students are divided into six classes; kindergarten 1, kindergarten 2 and grades 1-2-3; there are 8 students per class. The schedule contains six classes; math, science, Arabic language, English language, along with a literature class and an activity class. There are other classes once per week for grades 1 and 2 only: Environmental Go Green class and computer workshop.

We are hoping to open the school doors again soon.


Carpentry Workshop

Through partnership with another agency, teenagers, aged 12 to 16, who have gotten the basic school knowledge are having daily carpentry workshops with the following topics: use of a hand plane, preparation of lumber with hand tools, cutting of mortise and joints, cutting of dovetail joints, use of sewers, measuring accurately, and getting familiar with the basic carpentry tools available.


Two generations of carpenters have already graduated! Tuesday March 9th was the first day of our fifth carpentry workshop group. Students graduate after a six-month course. They take a final oral test and present their work. Their finest work is being put on sale. 


Computer Workshop

At House of Sara, we have recently launched a computer workshop. A room has been well equipped and prepared to teach 10 students at the same time.

We are having three different classes; Girls BL02 (12-18 years old); Boys BL01 (14-20 years old); Boys Club BL04. This same course will have different levels in the future. Students will go from level 1 to level 2 to finish their course at level 3. 


Stitching Course 

Recently, a new stitching course was started with girls aged 12-18. The outcomes of this class are to teach the girls skills along with letting them share and talk about their own lives.

A small lesson is given every session, occupying their interests and emotions to awake and empower them. The class is given every Tuesday and Thursday for two different groups each time with a very talented and lovely teacher. 


Reading, Writing Skills and Small Study

People who did not have the chance to get admitted into a school at a young age are now having English and Arabic basic courses following the curriculum of the official Lebanese government’s illiterate programme. Two classes are given weekly for 14 different students.   


The Boys Club

Boys are a main target in the community we're working with. We want to get in touch with them, to open their minds, and make them understand the world and get engaged in it properly. As much as we work with female empowerment and good thinking, the society they live in is mainly and exclusively man-centred. There is a better opportunity when the boys are young to help bring change to a mindset where women may not be respected and valued as much as men.


The boys are having their own full day once a month. It is a day full of activities, critical thinking games, talking and, at the end, lunch together. The team is trying their best working with the boys by getting in touch with them and being friendly. We give them an opportunity to connect, to share, and, after a long ride of fun, trust and respect can be gained. Deeper talks could be initiated and prove very helpful.

Other activities are occupying the boys with computer workshops. The boys are also going to have a three-week chess course with the best chess players in Lebanon. At the end of the course, there will be a tournament between them, while having the Lebanese Online Chess Champion 2020 and the Official Lebanese Champion as guests. 



A big part of our project is taking care of the families' health, which they really greatly need in the current situation. Medication and medical treatment are really expensive nowadays. Providing the refugees with their medication is really expensive, but we believe it is worth it.

Medical Clinic

In partnership with another agency, we are providing general check-ups and treatments. Between 60 to 70 patients are getting examined and are given the right medication. Patients are being treated equally, and the doctor is trying his best to provide them with the best medication and treatment with the tools and medicines available.


Dental Clinic 

Taking care of their teeth is the least of the refugees’ financial priorities. Most of our patients do not fix their teeth until they are broken. Dental clinics in Lebanon are far above family income. With the help of our dentist and our dental clinic, patients are getting well treated while acknowledging the importance of oral care.

The number of patients is always increasing. We are also using the dental clinic to take care of the students’ teeth with the acceptance of their parents.


Our work is not just inside the campus. The House of Sara’s team has been part of Beirut’s rebuilding and offering our donation services. In the Bekaa region, more than 500 families have benefited from blankets this winter. More than 700 families have received food parcels from our centre. Many activities are being held by our staff and volunteers outside of the campus. All of the families we are helping are registered in our system with full background information.


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