Carrying Their Own Burdens

Dhoker Jhara Village, India


In this quarter, I focused on work towards increasing income generation. I gathered all the villagers in September and we specifically discussed the scope we have to raise our income. They came to the conclusion that since our primary source of income is farming, water is what we need to save and use properly for better crops. Then we can also do the second cropping properly. We discussed the possibility of lifting water from the river to use for irrigation.


For a long time we have been trying to transfer these ideas to them and to help them understand that they can grow better crops if they are able to lift water from the river. Somehow, they were not excited about it, but it seems they understand the idea now.


We called a village meeting and decided to form a committee for a water project. Villagers chose the secretary, chairman, and treasurer for themselves. Then we wrote an application to government officials to provide water-lifting tools for our village.


Other than this, I want to inspire them to carry their burdens by themselves. One of the hand pumps previously placed by the government became damaged and unable to pump water. I encouraged them to repair it by themselves. As a result, they collected 20 rupees (about $0.30) from each family and repaired that hand pump, using their own funds with the help of a local mechanic.