Catalytic Partnerships in China

Our efforts in China have been some of the most challenging in GHNI’s history. As we seek to bring help and hope to some of the most hidden and hurting in the world, the political atmosphere in this great country has posed many obstacles. However, the passion of GHNI and our valued in-country partners continues to ignite the possibilities of making a difference in the lives of those Chinese so desperately in need of a transformed life.

“China offers some great needs and opportunities for what we are doing in GHNI,” says China’s GHNI leader. While the northeast and central regions of China have a lot of outside assistance, it’s those in the tribal regions of the Tibetan plateau who have grabbed our hearts. These are the people in areas so remote that help has not come simply because it’s so challenging to get to these villages and the altitude makes it intolerable for many.

Despite challenges, GHNI has had successful efforts in China. Through a strategic partnership we were able to implement Transformational Community Development in Hillside Village.* We also successfully responded to the Sichuan earthquake disasters of 2008 and 2011, working through local partnerships that brought relief, rehabilitation, and restoration. Many children found relief from post-traumatic stress through our PTSD relief camps. Hundreds of local volunteers were trained in running relief camps. 

Since the closure of Hillside Village in early 2013, we have been seeking to begin a new work in this area.  One project which began last year dissolved due to regional unrest at the end of 2013. Disappointed but not dissuaded from helping the people of China, we are in the process of looking into new ways to work with local leaders. 

With three to four good possibilities for a new work in the Tibetan Plateau, two of GHNI’s top leaders will be traveling to the area in March to pinpoint a village committed to change and a partner organization who is excited to train the people in TCD. The unique political and geographical challenges make this project a great opportunity for a catalytic partnership with an organization already working in the area.

*For purposes of security and well-being, "Hillside Village" is a pseudonym of the village helped by this project.