Catching the Vision for Transformation

House of Esther, Armenia


Transformational Community Development (TCD) training took place at the end of May in the House of Esther (HoE). Before the training, we spent some time on administration and preparation. We had participants from Armenia, Kazakhstan, US, Holland, England, and Uzbekistan.


During the training, we had two classes to teach, ‘’Defining Good Health’’ and ‘’Relief vs Development.’’ This was our first experience of TCD training. We were also responsible for studying in the mornings and interpretation during the classes.


As a result of the training, many people caught the vision and were anxious to apply the lessons as soon as possible. A leader from the local community in Jrashen also participated. When we first went to meet with him, he was very discouraged and indifferent, but after the training, his eyes were shining. He actively negotiated with the owner of HoE to start a summer camp and a couple of seed projects.


Through the training, people learnt some new methods of gardening, which was especially helpful for the Syrian-Armenian refugee couple who currently live in the HoE and takes care of the garden and the animals there. 


At the TCD training, people had a chance to meet, discuss, and arrange different projects together. It was very helpful for networking and cooperation. 


On the last day of TCD training, we had a health screening for the local children. We invited a doctor and some nurses to do the health screening. The children were 10-15 years old. After the screening, the doctor gave a report for the parents. This was very helpful, as we now have a better idea about the health condition of the children living in that area, and we are now aware of the particular problems that plague them.


Now we have a plan to move in three main directions and form committees for each area: education camp, English class, micro business (chicken project), and women’s group.


Thank you!


GHNI Partner