Cecilia in her own handmade clothes!

Shambani Village, Kenya

Cecilia is a single mother of two. Having come from an extremely poor family, Cecilia had to drop out of school when her parents gave her hand in early marriage to get a dowry to benefit themselves. Her husband turned out to be very violent, sometimes beating her and leaving her for dead.

So recently, Cecilia returned to her parents. She perseveres with the easiest way to earn a living in the village, through cutting trees for charcoal. She did this for quite some time with many difficulties and challenges, earning very little money.

Things started turning around for her when our GHNI team met her, along with others in Shambani Village. Their lives were in total despair. We presented the girls with options, and Cecilia decided to join our brand new Women’s Empowerment Center, where we were beginning sewing classes.

Cecilia is a quick learner! It has been almost a year now since she started the sewing classes, and she is already making dresses and repairing clothes, indicating a good future when she gets through with her training!