Celebrating Their Income Success

Attir Village, Kenya

Attir Village had a remarkable reason to be joyous as they celebrated success in their income generating efforts that have borne fruit.

Albino explained to the group how desperate life was before he got enrolled into the group compared to now that he is a major shareholder in the ongoing group. He challenged many to get enrolled, for they knew his life story before he joined the group and where he is today in Attir Village, owning many of the businesses in the village.

Everyone else, too, explained in their narration during the celebration on how difficult this was during the start, and how it picked up well due to commitment. This Transformational Community Development (TCD) income generating group consists of 25 members who are determined to make ends meet through small businesses. Their undying efforts brought them where they are today.

With a minimal, capital loan from GHNI, they counted triple return, and GHNI topped up what they had in their account.

Maria is very happy and grateful to GHNI Kenya for considering her and giving her hope.

This remarkable group has renewed their commitment, as they increased the lending to all the members. The expectancy is much more than what they have already celebrated, for they have learned a lot through the previous sessions.


GHNI TCD Worker, Kenya