Celebrating Transformation

*DG Village, Nepal


It is very encouraging that the Transformational Community Development (TCD) approach has been effectively working among the Rishidev and Mandal community in DG Village. We have already completed ten model toilets in this village. As we started women’s education classes, there is great impact on their life. Most of the women know how to read and write.


**Sajjan was born in a poor and uneducated family. Because of poverty, he was not sent to the school for his education. So, he works as a laborer in the village. He shares about his past days in this way: “Many government and nongovernment organizations came to help this village, but all wanted their own benefit. So, we were not interested. But when GHNI came and started the TCD awareness program, we changed our thinking, which is more helpful.”


GHNI formed a health and sanitation committee and decided to make a model village. Its focus is to use local resources and local people for involvement and leadership. Though toilets are simple, it has been an eye-opening awareness to the villagers. People are really joyful and happy.


Our GHNI national director, Mr. Karki, came to visit this village and went to house to house, monitoring. The toilet program brought awareness to the villagers. They are encouraged and trying to make their own toilets. Many other toilets have been made. People seem more careful in health. This is a positive impact. Women found that they could read and write and committed to attend women’s classes, regularly. Children now have access to come to our education center to learn. We are trying to connect them to the local school.


Mr. Karki visited the school in DG Village and talked to the teachers about working together. A new partnership will be made with the school in DG Village.


After GHNI came to this village, government and other organization came to help this village. Now 25 new houses have been constructed in our working area. Our village has been changed.


Sunita & Shreepech
GHNI TCD Workers

*For purposes of safety, “DG Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.
**For purposes of safety and well-being, “Sajjan” is a pseudonym for an individual involved with this project.