Celebrating Women

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt


As Transformational Community Development (TCD) is not only based on presenting weekly lessons for the women, we also teach them other skills to help them start small projects for Income Generation. A partnership has been established between GHNI and a partner organisation to conduct training on detergent manufacturing (dish soap, Dettol, chlorine, rust and grease cleaning agents). There are three-hour courses three times a week. The number of trainees was 15 women, who participated with great seriousness and commitment. Training is not only based on learning, but as well on helping them in purchasing products, on how to price and market them. It starts as a simple project and most of them started one. Zinahim is one of the women who started such a project. She bought raw materials and made soap and fabric softener.  She distributed small samples to her neighbours, letting the villagers know that she took a course, and then started to sell them her products. She was very happy with the training and that she was able to take a step to make products and sell them. She hopes the project will grow so that she can open a small store.    


On the occasion of celebrating the Family Day, which falls on March 21 every year, we made a celebration for the mothers and distributed a gift to each woman. The children who attended our TCD lessons presented some songs. Some of the women thanked the staff. A mother told us that her children used to go to places that are considered a good and positive environment, but she never noticed changes in them. Recently, she did notice a change in them after they kept on attending our lessons. She told us that her children started to care for her. Each time they attend they come back home and tell their mother what they have learnt. Her children stopped fighting and started to play together and help each other with school meals. She thanked us for our work. 


TCD Update

  • Education ― We trained 15 ladies in sewing. We are continuing to teach the children (we have around 200 children) about good values. 
  • Health ― We continued to give the women lessons; we have between 100-120 women. We gave them health lessons about the danger of diabetes, first aid and the danger of medical wastes.


Thank you,



GHNI National Field Leader