Centre Celebrates International Women’s Day

Women’s Empowerment Centre–East, Afghanistan


We celebrated International Women’s Day in our Women’s Empowerment Centre–East (WEC2). It was the first time we celebrated it in this district. We were glad that so many people attended this event!


Aina* is one of our English class students at WEC2. She prepared and read an article about women at this event and also helped other classmates to sing a related song. Aina is a model student who also likes to play volleyball in the schoolyard, and she encourages other girls to get involved in many of the activities. 


Sadly, there are still many people who think it is not good to send girls to school because of tradition. We are helping women at the Centre by teaching them hygiene, Birth Life-Saving Skills (BLiSS), and how to support themselves. We are encouraging parents to allow their daughters to attend school.


TCD Update

  • Income Generation―In addition to providing vegetable seeds to have enough food for themselves, we are encouraging the women to sell things at the market to generate income for them and their families.
  • Education ― The students enjoy learning English. They have already finished a few primary English books, and they are progressing month after month.
  • Wellness ― Football and volleyball are sports that the girls enjoy as they get exercise, learn teamwork and enjoy the camaraderie. They also hope to compete with other girls in the area.


Thank you!



*For purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Martin” and “Aina” are pseudonyms for the individuals involved with this project.