Challenges Abound in Armenia

Spitak, Armenia


The whole country was shaken emotionally, socially, and from a security perspective because of the war in Ukraine.


Socially, the country faces huge challenges, such as the inflation, which seems to be non-stop since 2019 and the unexpected influx of Russian citizens. That is a new situation and the socially disadvantaged segment especially suffers from the changes. Rents of housing have jumped by 50%. 


We had a community meeting in Jrashen to discuss the new reality and come up with new Transformational Community Development (TCD) projects to support community life and Income Generation projects. As most men of the village could not go to Russia to work because of the situation, they are willing to work on farms and provide for their families. Hence, if GHNI gives loans to the farmers for potato and cabbage seeds, they can work and stay in the village.


Hayastan is the mother of eight children; her husband didn’t go to Russia this year. They have a piece of land and are enthusiastic to cultivate it when the seeds are provided. 


Thank you!


Tamara and Sam

GHNI TCD Workers