Champion Loves Teaching Her Community

Paletwa TCD Expansion, Myanmar


Due to the current restrictions and security of the staff, we have not been able to visit the community for a couple months. However, we have constant communication with our champion and heard positive reports from her about a few community activities towards development following the concepts of Transformational Community Development (TCD). As a result, the community made some progress in terms of infrastructure, such as paving the village main road and installation of electricity under the rural Development Department of the government (before the coup). It is reported that the projects are ongoing, along with community participation and contribution.


Yone Taw Village is strategically important to lead the village cluster effect in the area as it is surrounded by several communities. It is likely that TCD results in this model village could have a lot of influence on the nearby villages. This is the reason our team has been working on a proposal to implement a TCD programme in Yone Taw Village with the aim of TCD multiplication in the area. Currently, the staff team has been conducting TCD Training of Trainers virtually for our Champion to equip her and strengthen her ability to transfer the knowledge to her inner circle in the community, then to the surrounding villages. Our champion has a strong personality, is motivated and passionate about transforming her own community first, then teaching the nearby communities. The online training prepares her enough to facilitate TCD core lessons with or without the help of the TCD workers in her area.


Our plan for next quarter is to be able to visit the community to build relationships and do further village assessment for the next steps as we look forward to implementing more TCD works in the village. 


Thank you,