Champion Raises Funds to Help Villagers

Paletwa TCD Expansion, Myanmar


In this quarter, I want to highlight the situation in Yone Taw 2, Pantanaw. After resolving the conflict a few months ago, the community began to rebuild relationships and restart social work together under the Transformational Community Development (TCD) guidelines. We had a few strategic plans to introduce the TCD programme to the nearby villages that might have had an interest in TCD. However, everything had to be postponed due to the coronavirus. Because of this, we have not had a chance to visit the village again since then. 


In our conversation on the phone call with the champion, we were delighted to hear that the villagers are excited about restarting the TCD programme and working together. Most importantly, our champion said that the committee had talked and shared information about TCD to a few households. She noted that people are willing to learn more about TCD and are hopeful that they can make a change in the community if they are united.


Moreover, there were some families in the village that had difficulty living due to the virus. The champion raised funds for them from her friends and provided rice to those families. We are impressed by the capability the champion had to help her community during this crisis.


Regarding the next plan, we are waiting for an opportune time to visit the village after lockdown and restriction measures are eliminated so that we can help our champion and the TCD committee lead change in the village. We are looking forward to those days to come after this crisis.


TCD Update

  • Food - There was a shortage of food during this crisis for some families in the village. Our champion looked for ways to help them and was able to support them in time of need.
  •  Wellness - The community accessed COVID-19 awareness from the local health department. The preventive measures are applied by most villagers in this community.


Thank you!